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Author: Simon Ciprian
last updated: 07 Apr 2008
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    The Special Electric Machines and Light Electric Traction (SEMLET) Group , formerly the Small Electric Motors and Electric Traction (SEMET) Group, is part of the Centre of Excellence for Research in Electric Machines and Drives, established at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj - Napoca , and accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Youth.
    The group is led by Prof. Mircea M. RADULESCU , and consists of about a dozen of members (Drs and Ph.D., Postgraduate and M.Sc. students, all in Electrical Engineering) undertaking fundamental and applied researches on
    Special electric motors:
    • Electronically-commutated permanent-magnet (or DC and AC brushless), variable-reluctance (or switched reluctance) and hybrid motors
     • Linear induction motors and tubular permanent-magnet motors
     • Ultrasonic piezoelectric motors
     Special electric generators:
   • Doubly-fed induction generators and permanent-magnet synchronous generators for renewable energy conversion systems
     • Automotive alternators
     Special electric motor/generators:
     • Integrated starter/alternators for automotive applications
     • Integrated motor/generators for flywheel energy storage applications
     Light electric traction systems:
     • Propulsion systems for light electric traction vehicles
     • Magnetic levitation and guidance of light electric traction vehicles
     • Power supply of light electric traction systems
     • Electromagnetic compatibility in light electric traction systems
within the framework of research projects for Romanian industry, grants funded by Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, international cooperation programmes for research activities in partner university laboratories from abroad (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA).
  The Group also offers courses for electrical engineering B.Sc. and M.Sc. students related to
     ‘Small electronically-commutated motors’, ‘Special electric machines’, ‘Electric traction systems’ and
    ‘Energy-efficient electric traction vehicles'.